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Screening of the film The Last Ice Hunters in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, 9th of March 2020 - during the days of North Atlantic film 2020, in collaboration with the cultural center of North Atlantic house and the representative office of Greenland in Copenhagen, we successfully presented the Slovenian documentary - The Last Ice Hunters, by directors Jure Brecelj and Rožle Bregar.

The Slovenian documentary is about the culture of Inuit seal hunters in East Greenland, who are facing ruthless natural surroundings, challenges of current times, modernization, globalization, and climate changes. The film producer Natalija Gros, in company of cameraman Miha Avguštin, attended the screening where they had the opportunity to share their experiences of making the film with the attendees of the event.

In the spirit of the film screening event, the Ambassador of Slovenia, Edvin Skrt and the representative of Greenland in Copenhagen, Lida Skiffte Lennert ,held a reception for the guests/attendees.