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Announcement of winners of the #BeeOasis Competition for World Bee Day 2020

For this year's World Bee Day, we launched a competition on social media focusing on the importance of bee-friendly environments, as the declining number of bees and other pollinators has become a global concern.

Participants in the Nordic countries were invited to submit a photo or short video capturing a bee-friendly spot. The aim of the initiative was to raise awareness of the vital role that bees and other pollinators play in our ecosystem and to encourage efforts to create and protect bee-friendly environments.

The winners of the #BeeOasis competition are:

1st prize: Julie Nielsen, Nim, Denmark

2nd prize, Rebekka Bond, Ecosystem Såkroken, Norway

3rd prize: Matej Zore, Helsinki, Finland

4th prize: Queenb-honning, Agder, Norway, https://bit.ly/2ynqxmg

5th prize: Karin Sauer, Nyrup, Denmark

The first prize is the brand new Bee Home donated by the design lab SPACE 10 https://space10.com/project/bee-home-an-open-source-design-for-our-planet/

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes are awarded honey donated by Dansk Biavlerforening https://www.biavl.dk/, flower seeds donated by Vilde Bier i Danmark http://bieridanmark.dk/ and Slovenian honey.

Thank you to all participants and partners.